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Links and Resources

I turn to the internet for information for all kinds of touring information. Listed below are some of my favorite resources.

Anne Mustoe - A Bike Ride is a good read. A 54 year old English woman and headmistress of a boarding school cycles the world - twice! She didn't even have a bike when she made her decision. Anne Mustoe has written many books that inspired me to begin touring.

Adventure Cycling is a bike advocacy site. It has one of the largest bike route networks in the world at over 40,000 miles. They provide valuable maps of the many routes they have designed throughout the US. The maps of the Pacific Coast route gave me the confidence to start my tour.

Bent Rider Online is a major resource for all things recumbent.

Coventry Cycleworks - my local Portland bike shop which is recumbent specific.

Crazyguyonabike is a site with over 5,000 journals dedicated to bike touring.

Ecospeed - maker of high quality electric assist mid drive motors.

Electric Bike Report - a comprehensive website about the latest in electric assist.

Cat Trikes - American made high quality folding tricycles with suspension.

Familia Supertramp - family that travels by tricycle (in spanish).

Greenspeed - Australian made high quality performance tricycles.

HP Velotecknik - German made high quality folding tricycles with suspension.

ICE Trikes - English made high quality folding tricycles with suspension.

Joe Kurmaskie - aka the metal cowboy, has written countless stories about life on the road.

Malaysia Bicycle Touring Network - a very active facebook page devoted to bike touring in Malaysia

Miles from Nowhere by Barbara Savage is still my favorite bike touring book.

OHPV - Oregon Human Powered Vehicle association.

T-Globe - has lots of good information about traveling in Thailand.

Terracycle - manufacturers of high quality recumbent parts and accessories.

Thorn Tree On Your Bike forum - Lonely Planet message board for global bike travel.

Trento Bike Pages - another site listing global bike touring journals.

Woman Go Solo - blog about woman traveling solo